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Re-introducing food after being sick (part 2)

You’ve been sick but are feeling better and ready to start eating again. Congratulations! That’s already quite something. But… what are the best foods to recover from an upset stomach and give your body what it needs?ย  Continue reading “Re-introducing food after being sick (part 2)”

Natural remedies for food poisoning or a stomach bug (part 1)

Step by step guide to recover from an upset stomach. It mayย sound simple but this traditional remedy got me back on with my life in just a few hours. Guessing grandma’s are always right when it comes to health tips and natural remedies. Continue reading “Natural remedies for food poisoning or a stomach bug (part 1)”

Sugar-free protein cinnamon waffles

These are legit waffles, all natural, very clean, gluten-free, nutritious and more importantly, tasty! No protein powders used, just real food ingredients.

Continue reading “Sugar-free protein cinnamon waffles”

Brazilian-Spanish beef & cassava stew

Traditional Northern-Spanish stew with a twist: cassava! This root vegetable very typical in Brazilian cuisine is by far my favourite, so I couldn’t resist trying to make a super clean, heart-warming and nourishing stew with it.ย  Continue reading “Brazilian-Spanish beef & cassava stew”

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